Designing Healthcare Facilities For Physical Disabilities

by JRSBlogWriterMay 5, 2014
Many architects and designers feel these codes and guidelines are merely a starting point. They and their clients feel more should be done to accommodate physical disabilities and they are setting the bar higher. [More]

A Look At The NHL Winter Classic and Preventing Hockey Injuries

by JRSBlogWriterDecember 16, 2013
Over labor day weekend this past year, Mike Fisher of the Nashville Predators suffered an injury to his hand when a chipmunk, that had entered his hou... [More]

Is Your Website Accessible From the Job Site?

by JRSBlogWriterAugust 19, 2013
Why are we talking about web design on a Healthcare and Rehabilitation site? We recently redesigned our website using an approach called responsive de... [More]

Swivette – The Patient Care Unit That Works For Architects, Designers and Health Care Workers

by JRSBlogWriterJune 3, 2013
Hospital design has certainly gotten a lot more interesting during the past decade. Architects have more room for creativity due to a focus on improvi... [More]

What You Need To Know About Anti-ligature and Behavioral Facility Design

by JRSBlogWriterFebruary 1, 2013
When June walks into her bathroom at the mental health facility where she is a patient her very life is at risk. Everywhere she turns there is a poten... [More]

The Need For ADA Compliant Scrub Sinks In Health Care Facilities

by JRSBlogWriterFebruary 1, 2013
According to the United States Census Bureau in a study based on the Bureau’s 2010 Survey of Income and Program Participation 3.6 million people... [More]