Why Ligature Resistant Products and Universal Design Are Important For All Healthcare Environments

by JRSBlogWriterJune 14, 2016
The use of ligature resistant products in behavioral healthcare is evident. However, why should hospitals, emergency care facilities, and rehabilitation or nursing homes be considering them? [More]

Two Ways To Lower Your Facility Maintenance Costs

by JRSBlogWriterSeptember 4, 2015
Cost and functionality are always a top consideration when purchasing products or approving specifications from the contractor, but upfront cost and functionality are not the only factors you have to consider. Initial savings may end up costing you money in time and labor down the road. [More]

How To Properly Clean and Care For Stainless Steel Fixtures

by JRSBlogWriterJuly 21, 2014
The word “stainless” in stainless steel can be misleading. Stainless steel is better described as being corrosion resistant. What makes it... [More]

Helpful Features On Our Website You May Not Know About

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You may have noticed we’ve recently updated our website. We didn’t just do this so it would be more appealing visually. The updates were m... [More]

A Look At The NHL Winter Classic and Preventing Hockey Injuries

by JRSBlogWriterDecember 16, 2013
Over labor day weekend this past year, Mike Fisher of the Nashville Predators suffered an injury to his hand when a chipmunk, that had entered his hou... [More]

Is Your Website Accessible From the Job Site?

by JRSBlogWriterAugust 19, 2013
Why are we talking about web design on a Healthcare and Rehabilitation site? We recently redesigned our website using an approach called responsive de... [More]