Rep Spotlight – Matt Pardue

by JRSBlogWriterAugust 15, 2014

Each month we sit down with one of our Morris Group International representatives and get to know them a little better. We’ll find out a bit about their childhood, their pets and hobbies, their first job and whom they admire most.

Matt PardueMatt Pardue
Outside Sales

Morris Group International (MGI) - Where did you grow up? What was your adolescent experience like?

Matt Pardue (MP) - I grew up in Lombard Illinois, about 30 minutes West of Chicago.  My adolescent experience was pretty awesome.  I was always busy with athletics, scouting and annoying my neighbors with my terrible garage bands.

MGI - What was the first contract you signed? Can you remember how you felt? How you celebrated?

MP - The first job I sold was to a large mechanical contractor that was starting a new plumbing division.  I remember looking at the quote, adding in all the quantities and being really excited.  I went out that night with a bunch of my friends and had a really great time.  The next day a realized I was looking at a list price quote and forgot to apply the job multiplier… I became much less excited.

Johnny CashMGI - What’s on your iPod?

MP - The man, the myth, the legend… Johnny Cash.

MGI - What was your very first job? Did you learn any valuable lessons or tools that you have brought with you into your current career?

MP - I was the valet at a steakhouse three days after I got my license.  Working there I learned that if you go the extra mile for people and work hard at whatever you’re doing, you’ll be rewarded.

MGI - When did you become interested in working in the industry? How did you get started in the plumbing industry?

MP - I’m one of the few lucky people that can say they are doing exactly what they wanted to do as a kid.  When I was 13 years old my grandpa hired me in the warehouse to shovel 2 tons of limestone in to 50 lb. bags.  After my first day I told him it was the best day of my life.

MGI - Which of the following chairs best depicts your office chair?

four different chairs, desk chair, car seat, throne, what chair

MP - Definitely B

MGI - Do you have any hobbies? (woodworking, birding, knitting, Herpetoculture)

MP - I really enjoy golfing and reading

MGI - Do you have any pets? We want to know all about them if you do.

MP - My Fiancé and I have a Victorian bulldog named Samson and a golden retriever named Koda.  Everything is covered in dog hair.

MGI - What is the best piece of advice you ever received and who gave it to you?

MP - “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life.” – Dean Wormer

Jefferson Airplane on stage at WoodstockMGI - If time travel was possible, where would you go and why? (You cannot choose the future because it hasn’t happened yet and there is the possibility you may have to stay put wherever you travel to… So answer wisely.)

MP - I would go back to the 1970’s and go to every concert I could.  The 70’s were a great time for music.

MGI - Name three people you would love to have lunch with? (Living, dead, famous, infamous, unknown…)

MP - George Carlin, Andrew Jackson, Steve Jobs

MGI - What are your future goals? (Career, education, travel, etc.)

MP - My goals for my career are pretty simple: I want to face challenges with confidence and enthusiasm, and become a little bit better of a salesman every day.  I’d love to continue my education and go back to school for my MBA in the next three years.

Thank you for participating in our interview this month Matt and we’re sure that with your positive approach to challenges you’ll be certain to excel in your career. We’ll be waiting for that announcement on your MBA!