BestCare and the Importance of Universal Design in Healthcare Environments

by JRSBlogWriterMay 7, 2019

patient in wheelchair
Most healthcare facilities have a room or two they have set up with ligature-resistant furnishings and fixtures to comply with the Joint Commission and other regulatory agencies. When they identify someone as a suicide risk, the facility will move the patient to an appropriate room. However, we don’t feel that it’s in the best interest of the facility or their patients to have such limited resources. 

We believe that Universal Design is the future of healthcare environments. If the news has taught us anything this past couple of years, it is that people are very good at hiding thoughts of suicide from those they love, let alone the person managing intake at a health clinic.

When patients enter a healthcare facility, they have enough on their minds and shouldn’t have to deal with being singled out as needing a suicide-watch room, or a bariatric or ADA compliant room for that matter.

There is no reason every patient room cannot be fitted with products specifically designed to keep both patients and caregivers safe while being bariatric friendly and ADA compliant. When every room and bathroom meets the needs of everyone, no matter their mental state or their ability, the facility doesn’t have to worry about shuffling people from one room to another and can instead focus on delivering the best quality care.

For more information about our BestCare line of ligature-resistant products and more information about the importance of universal design, download our BestCare product brochure, or visit BestCare on our website.