Working Together to Complete Your Healthcare Plumbing Needs

by ramsesAugust 12, 2019



Working Together to Complete Your Healthcare Plumbing Needs.

Morris Group International includes 25 divisions and partnerships and 9 locations worldwide. From engineered plumbing and drainage products, to vacuum plumbing systems, our products come out of our manufacturing facilities in North America ready to meet the needs of any construction or building project. With over 75 patents and thousands of products, Morris Group International has over 1,700 employees and over 2 million square feet of office, warehouse and manufacturing space worldwide.

Clearing the Pipelines to Community - Based Care


Clearing the Pipelines for Community-Based Care

Healthcare providers are reaching deeper into their communities, opening clinics and ambulatory care facilities that can provide easy-access care where consumers want and need it the most. But they face a big challenge right off the bat: Finding (or building) suitable space—in the right place—that will meet healthcare’s stringent requirements and be painlessly adaptable for renovations as community healthcare needs change over time.

Healthcare Construction and Renovation without disruption.


Healthcare Construction and Renovation without Disruption.

AcornVac Vacuum Plumbing Systems allow plumbing renovation to take place without needing to route waste lines under the floor or building foundation. This makes renovation in occupied, active facilities possible without disruption to patient care. This innovative plumbing system transports wastewater via a closed piping network and offers the added advantages of providing tremendous flexibility in the placement and location of plumbing fixtures, and virtually eliminates problems with waste pipe leaks in concealed spaces.