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WH1109-1 Grab Bar (rfa)24" Grab Bar, Flat Closure Plate
WH1140 Series (36") Grab Bar (rfa)Ligature Resistant ADA Compliant Grab Bar with V-Closure Strip [file currently available WH1140-36 Length 36"]
WH1181-1 (Single Bay) Dispenser (rfa)Ligature Resistant C-Fold Paper Towel Dispenser [Model WH1181-1 Single Bay]
WH1182 Shelf (rfa)Ligature Resistant Vanity Shelf
WH1183 Caddy (rfa)Ligature Resistant Shower Caddy
WH1815 Mirror (rfa)Stainless Steel Mirror with Ligature Resistant Solid Surface Frame
WH1830A-SLPT Clothes Hook (rfa)Ligature Resistant Adjustable Auto-Release Clothes Hook
WH1845B Toilet Paper Holder (rfa)Ligature Resistant Spindle Button Semi-Recessed Stainless Steel Toilet Paper Holder
WH1847B Toilet Paper Holder (rfa)Ligature Resistant Spindle Button Surface Mount Stainless Steel Toilet Paper Holder
WH2142-ADA-T-2-EGE10 Toilet (rfa)Ligature Resistant Toilet at ADA Compliant Height Top Supply, Wall Waste [WH2142-ADA-T-2]