Thermostatic Mixing Valve - 15 GPM
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Thermostatic Mixing Valve - 15 GPM

Model Number:  MXT1
MXT1 valve processes 15 gallons (56.78 liters) per minute and is recommended for use with stationary whirlpool models.These valves are designed to control the mixing of hot and cold water and deliver it at a constant, pre-set temperature. The valve is equipped with a union end, loose key, angle stop, check vavles with built-in strainers and vacuum breaker. Control valve is set to deliver water at temperatures up to 115° C (46.1° C). Failure of the cold water supply will cause the hot water supply to close, eliminating any possibility of scalding.
Product Details
  • Legacy Model:  MV-1
  • Appropriate for:  Podiatry , Hand Therapy , Athletic Trainer , Physical Therapy , Chiropractic , Long Term Care